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The Care Program

By laundering more carefully, you extend the life of your garments, making the most of your investment and helping you make do with less. What's more, a large portion of a garment's lifecycle impact (and a significant portion of your energy bill) comes from doing your laundry. Luckily, taking good care of your garments, and using less resources, doesn’t actually take more time or effort. All it requires is a little know-how.

Care Guides & Storage


All garments need and deserve some tender love and care. In our guides we share how to wash, dry and even store your garments in the best, safest and most environmentally friendly way possible. We cover everything from general tips and tricks to guides on how to break in your raw denim. Unlike your regular professional instructions we strongly encourage you to try this at home.

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Stain Guides Ketchup


Stains happen to the best of us. Unfortunately there’s no universal treatment and you’ll have to tackle whatever life throws at you on a case-by-case basis, from pasta sauce to red wine. Simply putting them in the washer and hoping for the best rarely works which is why we’re sharing some tried and tested recommendations for some of the most common and tricky stains you may encounter.

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Digital Care Labels


While care labels are great support they rarely tell the full story of how to best treat your garments. Not to mention that they’re full of confusing symbols. Therefore we decided to create digital garment care instructions for all pieces in our permanent collection, enhanced with additional information, useful care hacks and pro-tips.

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As you can tell from the scenario guide in the tables below, washing at 30°C (cold) and line drying vs. washing at 40°C (warm) and tumble drying can have a 1/5th of the emissions (and energy costs). Over a lifetime of a garment, that's a significant difference. The tables compare the laundry impact of one 190gsm T-Shirt (our men's t-shirt) across a hypothetical lifetime of 50 laundry cycles vs. a single full load. Numbers are based on average European white-goods energy ratings, average European energy sources and machine capacity utilisation. Find out more about or impact calculations here